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About us
About us
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Romantic city, Reliable people

Goldson Chemical Co., Ltd, located in Zhuhai, the romantic seashore city, one of the five special economic zones in South China, is a practiced exporter of chemicals, as well as an regular importer of solid minerals.
Goldson focuses its products and services mainly on Chemicals such as titanium dioxide, lithopone; Minerals such as ilmenite, lead ore and zince ore.
With the concept of "Credit for Development"  and more than 19 years of operational activities abiding by contracts and keeping credit, Goldson has won its public praise from its clients all over the world.
To construct for all sides a brilliant and prosperous future, Goldson would like to keep going all its out to build, enhance long-term friendship and business relationship with its esteemed new friends and old ones.Add: RM3-1004, 2083 Tangqi RD, Zhuhai 519080, China
Tel: +86(0)756 251 0555
Fax: +86(0)756 252 0555

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